Longfin Batfish
Longfin Batfish with other fish in the background.
Scientific name Platax teira
Lifespan 10 years
Rank Species
Classification Platax
Size 60 cm

Platax Teira, Formally known as the Longfin Batfish, is a batfish from the family Ephippidae.

Where They LiveEdit

Although they mostly reside in New South Wales, many have been found in the Indo-West Pacific, The Red Sea, and Praugue. An aquarium in Praugue has an exhibit with them there.

What They Eat Edit

Longfin Batfish usually eat there share of bacteria, but, considering they are carnivores, they also eat insects.

A long fin bat fish in House Reef

A long fin bat fish in House Reef

A video of scuba divers watching a Longfin Batfish at House Reef.