Burrunan Bottlenose
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A Burrunan Dolphin in the ocean
Scientific name Tursiops australis
Lifespan Unknown
Rank Unknown
Size 2.27 – 2.78 m(adult)

The Burrunan Bottlenose dolphin is one of the most common dolphin kinds. Being in the family  Delphinidae, you can pretty much say for yourself that its a dolphin.

Where They LiveEdit

They mostly dwell in the Indian Ocean, but sometimes migrate west, as some have been found by Tasmania, Australia.

What They EatEdit

Like other Ocean Dolphins, the Burrunan Bottlenose usually eats Crustaceans(Shrimp) and Cephalapods(Usually Squid, if anything at all). Since they are carnivores they will most likely eat other fish, too.

Surfs Up! Burrunan Dolphins - HD

Surfs Up! Burrunan Dolphins - HD

Some seaside individuals videotaping Burrunan Dolphins.